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Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

Pictures from Fall November 25, 2009

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Well, this week we were supposed to be posting our favorite fall pictures. Funny thing is, I am the only one who is not really busy preparing for Thanksgiving. We will be going to Gretchen’s house because our baby is due any day now and we’ll have to take off to pick him up. The other funny thing is that we have hardly any good pics from the fall. We were sick almost the whole month of October, so we didn’t get to take multiple trips to the orchard like I’d hoped. Oh well, here are a few pics to make you laugh.


Oops. March 17, 2009

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sorry friends, I spaced the blog yesterday! You know that phrase “I was putting out fires all day” Well, it was literal and figurative for me yesterday! Yesterday morning I lit a nice vanilla candle and was relatively sure that Byron wasn’t going to bug it. After all, he was looking at it and constantly saying “hot, hot” which means that he knows not to touch it. What he didn’t know, apparently, was that you are also not supposed to touch anything ELSE to the fire. It seems what happened (of course I was in the other room….) is that Byron stuck a birthday card over the flame. I didn’t get wind of this until my smoke detector went off and and my buffet had a flaming card and napkin on it. I freaked out for a minute and tried to smother it with my large sweatshirt sleeve. This was ineffective (and generally a bad idea). Then, I grabbed the first thing I saw on the floor, Byron’s blanket, doused it in water and threw it over the flames. That worked (put this in your memory bank, ladies) on the 6-8 inch diameter fire. My buffet was only charred, and Byron’s blanket survived after a wash.

In other news, I was in charge of decorating for my friend Easten’s wedding last Saturday. We made topiaries like this one for reception centerpieces. I got the pot at ikea for $.50 and the rest of the stuff at (great site!!) for $8 or $9 or so per table.



Mom’s most mortifying moments September 17, 2008

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Okay, friends, I have to blog about my morning trip to Target. Ruth and I were standing in the razor aisle of our local ghetto Target this morning (which is not so ghetto now since it has Starbucks). I noticed that I was standing in some sort of puddle. I look down to find that it was milk. Quickly remembering that Ruth had a cup of milk, I investigated her cup and found it was missing that little piece in the lid that keeps it from dripping. I walked out of the razor aisle into the main aisle to find a worker and let them know. To my horror, I look down the main aisle and there is a trail of milk as far as the eye could see. We had walked through about half the store. I felt SOOOO bad. Having no wipes with me, and based on the amount of milk on the floor, I was helpless to do anything. I found a worker and told him, then showed him where the biggest puddle was (knowing that he would quickly discover the trail). He assured me that it would be taken care of. In my embarrassment, Ruth and stealthily walked around the exterior of the store in hopes that no one who had to clean it up would see the pink cup of milk I was holding and figure out that it was our doing!! What a way to start the day.