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Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

Valentines Day! January 28, 2010

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I have been freshly reminded to not take my husband for granted.  I know that Valentine’s Day may seem cheesy to some but it can also be an opportunity to shower our husbands with respect and affection.  I am not talking about the normal heart full of chocolate or dozen roses but something that is thoughtful and tailored just for them.  What things speak love to your husband?  For example, one year I rented a cheap car for my husband and sent him out the door with books and gift certificates.  We only have one car so Lukas never got to just drive.  He is also an introvert and at the time we were living in a small space with 4 kiddos.  He really appreciated the day away.  What is your husband like??  What things would speak love to him?  What are some ideas you have for Valentine’s Day?


2 Responses to “Valentines Day!”

  1. Debbie Peabody Says:

    I agree Grethcen we have to not be caught up in the hearts, chocolates and flowers promoted at Valentines but need to find ways to express love to them as individuals. When we had little kids and no money for sitters i would feed and put them to bed (or as a bit older in their rooms with some toys they only got at special occasions) and fix a candle light dinner for two. Joel’s love language is physical touch and just having time where I am fully engaged and close to him meant alot. As kids got into teens with homeschooling etc seemed no privacy for couple conversations until so late you are too tired to do it justice. We would use youth group nights for date nights and often celebrated Valentines or just couple time while kids were at Winter camp over Presidents day weekend. We would only schedule things for that weekend we wanted to do as a couple and made it like a get away at home. We might go to a local tourist attraction, cross country ski and then come home and warm up with cocoa etc. Basically act like on a vacation and go do something you’ve been talking about doing but never seem to have the time. One Valentines when kids were both at home and in college I made a special dinner with a new gourmet dessert recipe that included Joel’s favorite – dark chocolate. I set our bistro table up with tablecloth, china and goblets in front of the fireplace in the living room. I had fire lit, candles burning, soft music playing and dressed up in a dress he especially liked when he got home.
    Joel flies home 4:30pm after being away a week on business trip. He has had meetings and ate out with managers every evening and I know the last thing he wants to do when he gets home is go out for dinner. While I have been home and i will not go eat out except drivethru when i am by myself, I would enjoy a dinner out and he would out of love take me out. Marriage is best when like in all of Christian life we die to seld and put the others needs ahead of our own. Instead I’m making his favorite Italian dinner and gonna have table set with cloth, china and goblets and have it to a point it will take minimal time to get it on the table. We will be to gether and have a relaxing night at home. Tomorrow he desires we spend the day working on yard projects together – he really likes me with him -again physical touch and closeness is his love language, and since my top one is quality time I can easily do that. It means today I am making up frozen strawberry yogurt pies and chicken enchiladas for guests after church Sunday, catching up laundry and making sure house is company clean so have time free on Saturday.
    As far as this Valentines i need to start thinking that one out….

  2. becky johnson Says:

    You’ve got me thinking about this in a timely way. Thanks for the gentle push that gives me incentive. I think I need to invest some time praying about it.

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