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A Sustainable Model for Birthdays November 18, 2009

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Because we’d like to have a bunch of kids, Andrew decided early on that we needed “a sustainable model” for birthdays. Those of you who know him will not be surprised by this terminology :) Basically, we didn’t want to have huge parties for the first couple kids and then not be able to keep it up for the others. Consequently, we have pretty low-key birthday celebrations.

Ruth is turning 4 on Thanksgiving this year and we just celebrated her birthday a few weeks early  since it will likely be busy on the actual day (it adds to the chaos that the baby is due 3 days after her b-day). This was the first year that we had “little friends” over for Ruth’s birthday. The past few years, we have just had a couple special adults come over to celebrate by joining us for dinner or dessert and present opening. Similar to the Naugles, we usually let the birthday kids choose special foods to eat that day.  I also usually get a mylar balloon from the dollar store. We have varied when we open the gifts. When possible, we have done it at breakfast so they can enjoy new toys during the day.

Ruth’s celebration this year was tailored to what she likes- we dressed up and had a tea party with 3 of her girl buddies. We used real china and had special tea party foods, complete with mini chocolate eclairs for dessert. We asked that the friends go low key in the gift department, as I wanted it to be more about the experience than the gifts. Their gift was fitting-  a tea cup with roses :)


One Response to “A Sustainable Model for Birthdays”

  1. Erin Says:

    I love reading about all of your special birthday ideas! Our three kids’ birthdays are all within a month of each other, so we have one big party that includes family and friends’ families. It’s a great time of year to be outside, so we grill a TON of hotdogs and just enjoy the good company and weather. For cakes, we get the cupcakes at Costco and decorate one special for each kid. We tend to open gifts after guests leave, or at the end of the party, but that’s changing as our kids (and friends’ kids) get older and like to see each other open the gifts. I have to admit, each year it gets a littler bigger as our family makes new friends, but we LOVE a big celebration with all of our closest friends, family, and neighbors, so this gives us a good reason! :)

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