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Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

Happy Birthday!! November 16, 2009

Filed under: Holidays — Gretchen @ 10:52 am

analinabdayThis is Birthday week!  We are going to be talking about how we celebrate our children’s birthdays in an affordable fashion.

At the Naugle household we love to celebrate.  Each birthday starts with a special breakfast complete with decorations.  For some of my girls this means bacon and eggs for the others it means cinnamon rolls.  We then usually try to do or go somewhere fun like  swimming at our local YWCA or to a movie or the zoo.  Dinner that night will be the child’s choice and we end the evening with cake or pie.  Sometimes these festivities include family and friends and sometimes it is just our family.  We have 2 birthdays right after Christmas and it is often difficult to do actual birthday parties with lots of friends so we try and make it special with just our family.  We also end the day by talking about and praying for the birthday girl.  It is fun to incorporate each of their personalities into making their birthday special.  For our youngest this year we just did a dance party after nap time and ate pizza and played outside.  She had a great time!  Our second really likes big parties and her birthday is in July so we have often just invite families to come bbq with us in the park where there is a wading pool and playground.  The kids swim and play while we grill and I do not have to clean my house afterward :).  Our oldest was born on January 6 and this has proven really difficult to even attempt birthday parties for with all the partying from Christmas and New Years so we usually just let her pick an activity that we all do with  her.  Our third was born 3 days after Christmas and her celebration usually includes a pizza dinner with her good friend Ruth :)

Birthdays for us do not always include a big production but we do try and take into consideration how each girl likes to celebrate.


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