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A Matter of Survival September 9, 2009

Filed under: fitness — Gretchen @ 12:28 pm

Ok this post is for those out there that LOVE working out.  I really like being active and it is not a chore for me at all.  I have found with 4 kids and homeschooling that it can be hard to fit it into the daily schedule.  We joined our local YWCA.  They have child care for little ones and a large room with lots of space for my older kids to run around.  For our family it is worth the money we pay each month because it is something we all do and enjoy.  The kids love going.  We have just built it into our schedule for the day so after school in the afternoon we head to the Y to run around for awhile.  Here are some other reasons it works for us…

  • There is child care – with Lukas gone so much for work and having such an irregular schedule I do not have to depend on him for childcare.
  • It is a break for me – I am with my kids all day, everyday and while this is a choice a little break helps me to refresh.
  • Energy – consistently working out provides me with strength for each crazy day.
  • I can do it while Lukas is at work therefore giving us more time together when he gets home.
  • Modeling exercise to my girls.
  • Variety – I can run, take a class, do an elliptical machine, or lift weights.
  • Classes for my kids.
  • Pool for the winter time.

2 Responses to “A Matter of Survival”

  1. Amanda J Says:

    Gretchen. I’m sooo proud of you. you give me hope. I want to be like you when I have a busy household of kiddos. You do it with grace and peace and look slamm’n hot on top of it. You go cute mama!

  2. Debby Says:

    I can relate to the desire to stay active, G. This is a helpful “push” for me to go check out the Y…for all of our sakes :). Thank you!

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