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Scheduling that time together September 3, 2009

Filed under: Wife-ing — Kate @ 5:43 pm

The timing of our post topic this week makes me laugh! My husband is currently out of town for 4 days in a time zone 3 hours different than our own after having been in an out of town wedding last weekend where we were super busy, and we are looking at a weekend ahead where he will be serving most of the weekend at a camp we are going too!  We could really use some time to refresh as a couple!  Despite all of the a-typical business in our lives as of late, we are still trying to have some times of refreshment together and remember with fondness the seasons in our lives where we have had a little more regular time together!

One of the biggest things that we have done as a couple to refresh is scheduling date nights together! No, this doesn’t mean an expensive baby sitter and a fancy dinner out, we can’t afford either of those and don’t want to do that very often anyways. Last year we did a date night swap with another couple from our Bible study and it turned out to be one of the best things ever! We traded watching each other’s kids every other week (or a little more spaced out during the holidays and busy times in our lives) and made it a point to at least get out w/o kids for a few hours! We did little things like going out for coffee and dessert, going to a matinee movie or having dinner at Carl’s Jr and walking around Lowe’s together. It was so good for us to have the time scheduled to force us to make time to just be together and reconnect!


One Response to “Scheduling that time together”

  1. Jane Says:

    Kate, I hope your busy schedule somewhat slows down soon. It makes life feel like a whirlwind, doesn’t it?
    We’ve just recently starting swapping babysitting with a couple at our church too. Both couples have gone out once or twice and it’s been great–especially since we both don’t have family close to babysit. I really could hire a babysitter, although it’s hard to leave your kids even after you’ve interviewed someone for the job. Babysitting is spendy over here too–between $7-12 an hour for two kids. We like doing the swap because we feel confident that our kids are having a good time in a good environment and it helps someone else out as well. Recently we’ve gone on a hike together and the date night before that we went out for coffee. Whenever we have family here to visit, we most often jet out of the house together then as well. I can’t say we’ve figured it out totally, but we are working on it! Sometimes it’s fun to just stay home too.

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