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Refreshing as a Couple September 2, 2009

Filed under: Wife-ing — Gretchen @ 9:43 am

So this week we are talking about how to refresh as a couple.  Since we have been married I feel like someone pressed fast forward on my life and it has never really slowed down so this is a topic that is really dear to me.  As a couple we have gone through so much joy and loss and just plain chaos.  We really do not know what it is like to be a married couple without being pregnant or having babies or some tragedy going on.  In the midst of this we have really had to be creative with getting time as a couple so here are a few of the things we do :) –

  • Nights out are really hard.  We do not have a lot of money to spare so going out to dinner is a luxury for us, let alone actually paying a babysitter.  So here is what we do – we stay in.  This means purposefully turning off phones and computers.  Sometimes we make a fun appetizer or dessert together and watch our favorite show or movie.  Sometimes we go outside on the porch or up to our room and just talk for hours.
  • We play sports together.  Throw a Frisbee around, play whiffle ball, go on walks.  My husband likes activity and doing things so he really enjoys it when we are active together.
  • Massage –  I learned how to give full body massages.
  • The most important thing for us is really just being consistently intentional.  We set aside time most days to talk and reconnect and stay on the same  page.  We try and text or IM about the detail type stuff and that way when we are together we can talk and connect.

There are just a few ideas that help us keep refreshed.  It really boils down to making time for one another in the midst of craziness.


2 Responses to “Refreshing as a Couple”

  1. Amanda J Says:

    I hope you have some time for this with your man next week!

  2. Gretchen Says:

    Thanks! I hope so too!

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