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Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

A day in the life with 7 kids August 28, 2009

Filed under: Mothering — Andie @ 10:22 am

Because Jennifer has 7 kids, it’s a little hard to post weekly, so she sends me posts when she can. This is what her life looks like right now:

“I know, I know. It has been forever since you have even seen a post from me, but life has happened here at the McConnell household! We have gone from homeschooling all 7 of our kids last year to putting them all into school this year. This is the run down. We have them at 3 different schools, 6 different grades and 7 different teachers! We have one in preschool, 4 in elementary school, and 2 in middle school. None of them ride the bus so we are taking and picking up at 3 different times. So you ask how do we do it! Here is the plan.

7:15am- Patrick takes J and N to middle school while I am getting the others up and dressed.
8:15am- I leave to take E, C, M, and B to elementary school while Patrick stays with A.
9:40am- I leave with A to go to her preschool where I also work and help out.
2:00pm- I get A from her classroom and we go home for just a brief moment.
2:30pm- Patrick leaves to go and pick up the boys from middle school.
2:50pm- I leave with A to go pick up the rest from elementary school.
3:40pm- The kids have snack and start on homework.
5:00pm- I leave to pick up Josiah from football practice while Patrick cooks dinner. He loves it and I hate it so it works for us!
6:00pm- We usually have dinner together pending any meetings or other things.
6:30pm- The kids all have chores that they do.
7:30pm- Showers start for those that need them which is usually at least 5.
8:00pm- Girls reading time and boys finish up homework.
8:30pm- Babies go to bed.
9:00pm- E and M go to bed and boys have reading time in their room.
10:00pm- Boys go to bed.

We also have a wonderful college student who has just started coming on Tues. and Thurs. for a few hours to help with homework and that has been such a blessing! I do kids paperwork as soon as I get them home from school and put it back into their backpacks. I love the teachers who get on to me if I miss signing something! We also do not allow TV or computer(unless for school) during the week. This has helped a lot for keeping them focused on things that need to get done. We do not do it perfectly but we try and stay on this schedule. Of course I am home today with 4 sick ones so off to give meds!”


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