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Gift Basket Bonanza July 2, 2009

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You may have read my previous post about doing family gift baskets as Christmas gifts, and I must admit that I do love putting them together!  It can be especially fun with a new baby on the way and the many practical things that a new mom needs!  While putting together a gift basket can add up if you don’t watch it, there are a few ways to trim the costs and still keep them fun to give, cute and usable!  This is especially true if you are in a season of life where there are a lot of babies being born (and could be applied to a wedding gift basket too!)

  1. Stock up on the practical things when you see them on sale/clearance or have some good coupons for them!  I have a stash on hand right now of newborn size diapers, baby bath wash and lotion, and q-tips that I got for next to nothing and are perfect to stash in a ‘bath time’ basket.
  2. Grab those super cute baby outfits that go on sale at the end of season clearances.  Seems like the small sizes always have plenty of selection even when on clearance and it’s so fun to put a cute outfit into a gift basket.
  3. Give something handmade!  I love to crochet baby headbands and/or Mary Jane booties for girls and while they don’t cost me much (maybe $1-2 per set for the materials) and they are extra special since they are one of a kind!  If you have enough notice you can even do a baby blanket, although for speed and ease I recommend crochet over knitting a blanket!  You could even do baby washcloths!
  4. Include something from their registry … maybe the baby bathtub or the diaper bag to use as the ‘basket’ for your gift!  See if you can find a coupon to go with those articles that might be more spendy.
  5. Go together with a friend to help keep the costs down if you want to include something a little bigger!

Just remember to have fun and get creative!


One Response to “Gift Basket Bonanza”

  1. Sarah Says:

    These are great ideas – thank you! I’m going to start stocking up for gift baskets.

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