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My not-so-favorite kid items June 22, 2009

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I have made quite a few bad purchases as a mom so far and so I thought I would NOT recommend the following products (and explain what exactly it is that is annoying about each thing).

albee-baby_2054_212879426The image above is a reclining booster by Safety 1st from a few years ago. You can strap it on a regular chair, which is nice. Unfortunately, it has tons of spots where food can get stuck and turn green. Literally the only way to get the junk out was to shake the whole thing upside down relentlessly in the back yard. When you are shopping for a high chair, check for places in the seat where food could fall or get stuffed. It looks like the latest model of this chair has easy-to-wipe padding all the way under the child, so it might work better.

510SutR28vL._AA260_These newborn gowns are super cute, but I personally don’t recommend them for first-time parents. The first days with Ruth were mostly a blur but the problems I had with these are ingrained in my memory.  They were so hard to get over the baby’s head, all the way down the body, and over the arms. I think this had to do with the fact that with the first, you feel a little like you are going to break them or something. There are other good infant options out there, so for you first-timers, I’d suggest getting something with some easy snaps down the front.

Cosco_Scenera_Convertible_Car_Seat_22120-resized200This is not the exact car seat that we didn’t like, but it’s very similar. I’m sure ours isn’t on the market anymore. Some things that were difficult about our convertible car seat were that when it was facing backwards, we couldn’t reach the adjustment strap on the front bottom because it was angled into our Accord’s back seat. That was frustrating. Then, when it was turned forward, it wouldn’t adjust well either, because the straps in the back of the seat got hung on each other. The seat was also very bulky. Ask your friends for recommendations of a good convertible car seat. They must be designed well since they face both back and front. In addition, I recommend trying it out in your car.

to leave us on a happy note, here’s my “favorite baby stuff” recommendation

41MSE45F1EL._SS500_These Safety 1st doorknob covers have been extremely useful to keep the kids out of our bedroom, out of their closets during naptime, out of the basement….. need I go on? These are totally worth the investment for peace of mind that your child is not into something unsafe or just something you don’t want them terrorizing :)


5 Responses to “My not-so-favorite kid items”

  1. Kate Says:

    So I must admit that the newborn sleeper gowns were actually one of my favorite things from having a newborn!! ;) I put my kids in a onesie and then the gown over it for the night and found it a little easier to traverse for the middle-of-the-night/in-the-dark diaper changes than all of the snaps on the sleepers or trying to get their legs back in the sleeper legs. I guess I don’t really remember having trouble getting them over the heads, probably from the sleep deprivation that I was suffering from ;)

  2. Andie Says:

    that’s okay! they are some of G’s favorites, too! ha ha. they just didn’t work for this mama.

  3. Jane Says:

    I liked the newborn sleepers as well, but I liked the ones that were more like sleep sacks. I can’t really remember what they were called. I’d put a onesie on first and then this fleece sack that zippered down the front. It was easy to get off to change diapers in the middle of the night when I was half asleep! :)

  4. Andie Says:

    Jane, I love those zip up sleepers as well. they are super easy. I think they were a great solution for me because they are covered, but
    I didn’t have to pull over the head. We used zip up sleep sacks every night in the cool months

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Just stopping by to check things out… :-)

    I totally agree about that feeding chair. We got that and I kept it for about 3 minutes before packing it back up and returning it to the store. That thing was a pain!

    Now we have the Fisher Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat and I LOVE it. I recommend it to everyone that asks me about high chairs.

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