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Pictures, a method to the madness? June 17, 2009

Filed under: Mothering — Leah @ 6:00 am

I really dread taking my kids to get professional pictures taken.  I’ve got a whole list of reasons why….

  1. often there is no money set aside to pay for the pictures
  2. rarely is there any money set aside to get outfits that COORDINATE for the pictures
  3. I’ve yet to find that time of day when all my children are forecasted to be HAPPY
  4. it seems like someone always has some facial injury/bruise/scab/rash that I don’t want in the pictures
  5. IT WEARS ME OUT!!  Getting my kids clean, dressed, to the place (while staying clean AND dressed), figuring out what the right bribe is (yes, I said it BRIBE) for each child to ensure that they sit when asked and SMILE when asked (over and over and over and over…)- is a LOT of work and it simply wears me out!

I want pictures taken each year and I don’t want it to be an experience my kids and I dread.  SO, what do I do?  I don’t have any photographer friends living nearby right now, so that option is out.  Instead, I am going to set aside $10-$15 a month designated for pictures.  At the end of a year this gives me about $150 to spend on outfits for the kids, the pictures themselves, and any new frames I might want to put them in.  I know that I am most likely to get my kids pictures taken in the Spring, so by shopping end of the season spring sales, I can grab a great outfit for my daughter much cheaper than buying it two days before I end up getting the pictures taken.  Finding shirts/shorts for the boys is somewhat easier- but a great sale on a polo or plaid is always a great find at the end of the season.

I have also discovered that by prepping my kids as to the events of the picture-taking morning, I can raise my expectations of them at the picture place.  I allow each of them to bring one toy and I pack one special snack (something we usually don’t have at home).  These items don’t get busted out until after the flashes are done and Mommy is in the deciding-which-pictures-to-buy phase of the outing.

Just for fun, here is one of the pictures we had taken last week:


The bribe you ask?  It was $.99 frozen yogurt.   :-)


2 Responses to “Pictures, a method to the madness?”

  1. emilie Says:

    good ideas! the last time i took professional photos with my “petits leopards”, they were not perfectly set, but they made one very nice photo. now i did not have time yet to buy frames, put it in the frames, send photos to the family, etc… so much things to think about!

  2. Kate Says:

    Another cost factor that I have to figure in too is mailing all the pictures to the out-of-town family, um, that is ALL of our family! It adds up with those bigger sized envelopes!

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