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‘Baby Blues’ … or just plain tired June 2, 2009

Filed under: Keeping inspired — Kate @ 6:00 am

I must confess that I’m suffering from a little bit of the ‘baby blues.’  Not that I even have a new born yet, or am feeling stuck in the house, or having a lack of sleep, but this first trimester of pregnancy #3 is hitting this momma hard!  I have been more tired than I can remember and just generally a little blue lately.  I tend to be encouraged and motivated by the list of things that I have accomplished in a day, and that list is much shorter than I would like it to be these days!

All that said, I wanted to encourage those of you who are in a stage of life where you might be more tired than the average day.  Be it due to a long work week, pregnancy, having a newborn, chasing toddlers or staying up late to talk with teenagers, there are plenty of times when we can use a little extra care!  I have been soooo thankful that my two overactive toddlers are both still taking naps in the afternoon!  And this tired momma has been curling up on the couch the minute they are in bed :)  It’s hard to pass up the ‘to do’ list, but important for me to know that there are times when I can serve my family best as wife and momma when I am well rested (and not bummed about the missed opportunity to nap!)


3 Responses to “‘Baby Blues’ … or just plain tired”

  1. I am the husband but I am working and going to school. Also I am trying to prepare for my new born, which is a way away, but still I want to be prepared. I can’t imagine what my wife is feeling like. She is the pregnant one and she still works, then comes home and cooks dinner. I try to help out as much as I can but she really does a lot.

  2. Kara Says:

    It’s nice to know that’s normal. When I feel so tired I am often down and then i get more down because i am tired and feel pressure to do more. I have had to come to be okay with a “messy” house and taking a nap is okay to do. Yet still trying to not be lazy but efficient. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Jennifer S Says:

    It is entirely possible to have prenatal depression. I am 29 weeks along today and talked to my midwife about this a couple of months ago. Not enough people talk about this, but you are not alone for sure!

    My midwife recommended different relaxation techniques (including yoga, prayer, quiet time, visualization, etc…) as well as a vitamin B supplement.

    For me, just knowing that having the “baby blues” before my baby came took the stress off and actually helped me feel a bit better before everything snowballed.

    Best wishes with this pregnancy!

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