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Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

Christian + artist May 26, 2009

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If Leah is Practical Polly, it’s possible that my name should be Impractical Inez. Thankfully for me, I already have a name: Artsie Andie. This week, I’m going to be sharing a bit of the process God has been leading me through in seeking to find out how to live out His call on my life as a Christian Artist.

This combination has not always resided peacefully within me.  I think it started to coexist more happily my senior year of college when a friend told me that I must start taking art classes again. I had stopped several years earlier under the mistaken understanding that my time as a Christian was better spent “serving the Lord” than in the art room. Due to my friend’s encouragement, I began to understand that  being who I am, rather than who I am not, is the way I am called to serve him.

Around that time, I read an article that completely encouraged me written by my current pastor (only God knew at that point I would be moving to Minneapolis!). The article is entitled God is not Boring. It was a sweet reminder of the fact that God is the Creator; To be creative is imitating Him! This article was also part of what helped my analytical husband begin to embrace and enjoy my artwork more fully. He is so supportive of me as an artist now and that gives me freedom to develop this part of my life all the more.

More on the intersection of artist + wham later….


6 Responses to “Christian + artist”

  1. MrsMofatta Says:

    hey Inez! Great post.

  2. S. Gilcher Says:

    I love your post – you’ve inspired me. I can’t wait to get my oil paints out once I have my baby (I guess they aren’t safe while prego).

  3. artsieandie Says:

    oops! maybe that’s why byron is so big…. oil painting while pregnant. it was my largest painting yet, too!
    ha ha.

  4. Brianne Says:

    i had no idea that was a struggle for you in college! i am thankful for the wise friend who got you busy again!! :)

  5. artsieandie Says:

    Me too! Thanks Kim! :)

  6. lisacolondelay Says:


    I’m an artist too. (BFA and now enjoying creating photography and multimedia mostly)
    I’ve posted on being creative-as our Creator is. He delights in our creativity, and when we create we help enact his Story.

    It’s nice to find another friend.

    Today I posted works by a fav artist of mine, Andrew Wyeth. Come by and check it out!


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