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Practical Polly and her children May 21, 2009

Filed under: Keeping inspired,Mothering — Leah @ 9:27 pm

Here they are: some super-practical ways to love, while serving, yous kids!

  • Because of my personality (and my love for lists), it’s VERY easy for my list of “to-do”s to take over the day and push the kids to the end of the day “if there is time”.  (I know that sounds pathetic, but it’s true.)  So instead of inadvertently ignoring my children I aim to make each day include something that my son likes (you know, boy play…OUTSIDE.) and something my daughter likes (color, color, color, read, read, read).   It’s worked out well for both me (things still get accomplished) and for the kids (they get the one on one Mommy time that they need).
  • I ask the kids each week what is one thing they would like to do that week, or one dinner they’d like to have, or one type of craft they’d like to do- then WE DO IT.  We go to the zoo, or the pet store, or the toy store, or the park “with the spider web thingy”, or their cousins’ house.  We have spaghetti for dinner, or yogurt for lunch, or bananas in our sandwich, or honey on our toast.  We use “the big paints”, we actually get out the scissors, we make binoculars with toilet paper rolls, we outline our own bodies on butcher paper, we haul out the beads…and are okay with the fact that they WILL spill all over the carpet before we are done.

Quick note for Moms of Multiples (aka: twins, triplets, or more): Yes, it’s true.  It’s a wee bit harder to have multiple toddlers discovering the joys of markers for the first time than just one.  The mess will be twice as big when the playdoh hits the floor and paint will seem to fly twice as far.  And of course the children will feed off each others naughty ideas…twice as fast.   BUT (yes, there is a but….), it is also twice the fun.   It’s sounds corney, but it’s really true!  The privilege of raising my twins is something I would never trade away.  Watching two little people discover life together is an amazing and wonderful opportunity.  It does cause you to ease up a bit and relax your expectations for the day (or the week….).  What your friend with children two different ages may be able to do in a day, might not be possible for you.  So, breath deep, take it one day at a time, love your kids, and seek out the best way to be their mother.  God has given them to YOU, becuase you are the perfect mother for them.  THE PERFECT one.  Although it’s a handful at times (okay, let’s face it- most of the time), YOU CAN DO IT!  You can do it when you lean on the strength, wisdom, patience, and grace that God pours out to use each and every day.  So, hang in there Mom of Multiples.  You’ll make it after all.  :-)


One Response to “Practical Polly and her children”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Thank you for your encouraging note to moms of multiples. I really needed that reminder today. I tend to forget that they, along with my other children, give both unique struggles and unique gifts.

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