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Practical Polly May 18, 2009

Filed under: Keeping inspired — Leah @ 6:00 am

Here at Beautiful Work, we’re test-driving a new writer format this summer.  Each week one of us will write 3-5 posts on a topic we feel passionate about, have expertise in, or just want to share with you!

On that note, being the super-practical gal that I am…what better to write on this week than some super-practical ways to love and serve those people you love most: your family!  I confess that often I find myself too busy with the day-to-day needs of my husband, home, and kids to remember that I am also called to LOVE them in the midst of serving them.

So for installment No. 1 here are some super-practical ways you can love and take care of yourself.   After all, as my hubby says: “If mama ain’t happy- ain’t nobody happy.”  :-)

  • Set a basket next to your favorite chair with your bible, notebook, pen, glasses, current novel, iPod,  etc.  Make it as easy as possible for you to take some time for yourself each day-put it all in one place!
  • In effort to keep within our budget, if I’m the only one that likes a certain item it simply doesn’t get bought.  So we’ve started keeping one figure friendly snack in the house that’s just reserved just for me.  But remember, keep it stowed away or be ready to share!
  • Treat yourself to a date.  A cheap date.  Hit up coffee or frozen yogurt.  Do it alone, with your spouse, or a good friend.
  • Give yourself a pedicure.  It’s time well spent, and money well saved!!  What woman doesn’t like seeing pretty feet when she looks down!??
  • Make time to exercise!  You’ll feel better, look better, and have way more energy than the days you don’t.
  • Find a hobby if you don’t have one already.  Sewing, cooking, hiking, reading, puzzles, games, scrap booking, crafts, collages, design, biking, painting, writing…we’re all gifted in different ways- so share your talents with others if you can!

One Response to “Practical Polly”

  1. rachelle Says:

    loved having u visit and leaving an encouraging comment. definitely be coming here for some inspiration and great reading. thanks for stopping by.

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