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Dates your husband will like May 4, 2009

Filed under: Wife-ing — Andie @ 3:00 pm

polish_sausageHave you ever noticed that when someone talks about going on a date, it’s usually tailored more around activities and places women like? I am guilty of this myself- too often, I want to go where I want to go on a date with Andrew. I want Panera… not polish sausage or McDonald’s….

Andrew very graciously takes me where I want to go almost every time. But, I’ll bet it would knock his socks off if I said, “Hey, let’s go for some buffalo wings!” This week, we’re going to brainstorm some ideas for dates that would suit our husband’s preferences rather than our own. 

Some man-approved date scenarios:

On the cheap: Wander the Apple Store, wander Best Buy, College football on TV where I stay engaged the WHOLE time, Looking at construction or a sports stadium, Taco Bell, go to his office and take a tour of what he does everyday, Barnes and Noble- have him pick a book that you can both browse and discuss, clean up our room and have fun in bed, sit in the garage while he does woodworking and bring him hot drinks, 

Takes some cash:Buffalo Wild Wings (and I can take some lessons on sports while we’re at it), a college football game, the lingerie dept. followed by our bed, Breakfast at McDonald’s and a copy of a sports or business magazine, go to a Chicago Style eatery and don’t mention how greasy it is, 

Hint: We have recently discovered the joy of the morning out instead of the evening out. I tend to be so exhausted in the evenings that I don’t have much energy to contribute to conversation. I am so excited about taking more dates in the morning so I can give my attention to Andrew when I feel fresh and energetic.


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