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Feminine Appeal – by Carolyn Mahaney April 21, 2009

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feminine-appealSome of my good friends and I are reading Feminine Appeal for our Book/Bible Study right now.  It’s a short read (GREAT for busy wives and moms…) and really provides for great discussion and reflection on our lives as wives.  In her book, Carolyn addresses these seven virtues:

  • The Delight of Loving My Husband
  • The Blessings of Loving My Children
  • The Safety of Self-Control
  • The Pleasure of Purity
  • The Honor of Working at Home
  • The Rewards of Kindness
  • The Beauty of Submission

Feminine Appeal is a wonderful book that I will definitely be revisiting…multiple times throughout my life.  :-)  She addresses the single woman, the married woman, the working woman, and the stay-at-home woman in very practical and encouraging ways that really challenge you to change the way you view your role as a wife.


One Response to “Feminine Appeal – by Carolyn Mahaney”

  1. Brianne Says:

    Such a great book. I love what she says about submission…that it isn’t submission when you’re agreeing…the test of submission is when you disagree! Seems like such an obvious thing, but was so eye opening to me!

    Looking forward to more reviews…

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