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Spring Cleaning Tuesday: The Garage April 14, 2009

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(As I’m sure you know by now:)) We have a small house!  Therefore, what doesn’t fit in the house, goes in the garage.  When we can no longer walk through the garage we have to clean it.  Here are some pics of the pit,  before & after.

The workbench:img_3162 (before & after)

img_3166We had just a few “do the project but never put away the tools” situations as well as the pile of broken/need new battery toys on the workbench…can’t do much “work” when it’s surface is covered in randomness.  Solution?  Replace those batteries and PUT STUFF AWAY.









The shelving: (before & after)

img_3163img_3168We were experiencing just a wee-bit-o-clutter on the floor of the garage.  We remedied the situation by using the space more effectively on the shelving.  By just moving a couple of items around I was able to get my canning things as well as my kitchen aide things off the floor and onto the shelf.  Ahhh, feels good.

The big picture: (before & after)

img_3160img_31641The garage had become a landing pad for many things…as you can see.  Cardboard for the kids to make a fort with, legal papers, recycling we weren’t too sure how to dispose of, luggage that could totally have gone into the attic, tools that needed hooks so they could hang on a wall- rather than lean on a wall, and bikes that still need to be mounted on wall hooks to provide more floor space.  Overall, we gained a lot of space in the garage by the end of our clean-up effort, a bunch of gunk and leaves and whatnot was swept out, and the treadmill is once again accessable and ready for use.  (I actually just got off it….yea me!)

SO, be encouraged- get out there and spruce it up!  It’s not as bad as it may seem.  :-)


3 Responses to “Spring Cleaning Tuesday: The Garage”

  1. artsieandie Says:

    this has nothing to do with your garage, but I like the dots you used to help the post’s photo format work out. I fought with mine FOREVER yesterday.

  2. MrsMofatta Says:

    Yes….there is A LOT I love about wordpress…but the things I don’t like, I REALLY don’t like. The formatting issue is main one. Glad to hear that a Mac user is having the same issues this PC user is…it makes me feel better.

    hee hee

  3. kate Says:

    funny, i was going to comment on the exact same thing :)

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