Beautiful Work

Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

More experienced WHAM #4 Day 2 April 2, 2009

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What advice or encouragement would you give a young woman who is
newer in her journey as a wham?

I would recommend learning to take advantage of your quiet moments to spend
with the Lord.  Prepare as much as you can to make that possible.  Have a
favorite spot to read your Bible and pray and try to make sure it is ready
for you when the quiet moments come. Sometimes they are just too short and
if it takes too long to settle down with your Bible and pray there may not
be enough time. I have always been able to sit with a quieter heart when my
surroundings are picked up and orderly.  If my “spot” was in disarray my
heart was distracted from reading God’s Word and prayer.  For me the best
time was during my children’s naps.  There are always so many demands on a
mothers list that scream for attention and naptime is precious.  No matter
how many urgent things were crying for my attention I would be better able
to handle those demands and the needs of my little ones if I took time first
to sit at the feet of Jesus and listen to Him by reading my Bible and

How did you handle the changing seasons that come with our lives as

 I often found this to be a bit amusing.  About the time I thought I had
figured out how to manage one of these seasons it would up and change on me.
I recommend laughter and a lighthearted attitude for one thing.  And prayer.
Pray alone, pray with your husband and if possible find a prayer partner
that you can get together with on occasion and bring each other’s burdens
before the throne of grace together.  My relationship with my husband got
even sweeter when we began to pray together over the needs in our family and
our lives.  We became closer and more one minded in situations.

How has your perspective of motherhood changed over the years?

I came to realize that being a mother was my way of serving the Lord and leaving a legacy. The children we raise are going to touch many lives.  The things we build into them, the moral values we teach them will reach and effect many other people.  It is not a small matter, my parenting didn’t just effect the three sons I raised but all the people that their lives touch.  It is worth doing the job well.  Sometimes it seems redundant to repeat ourselves over and over as we build in the values that we hope our children will embrace. But take advantage of the years you get to instruct because when they become adults you have to adopt a new role, and learn to say less.  Then you will be thankful for the things you had the opportunity to impress on them in the early years.


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