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Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

“Older” and wiser WHaM #2- Day 2 March 26, 2009

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Day 2 with Amy- Here it is!

What things did you do to keep your marriage vibrant especially during the baby stages?
Vibrant during the baby stage? Is that an oxymoron? : )

It does take a bit of finessing at that stage, doesn’t it? For Rick and I, we needed to go out and have fun together. It was important for us to connect on an adult level. My parents live close by and have been a huge blessing to us. They would take our kids for a few hours or overnight occasionally and give us some couple time.  There was also a season when we swapped babysitting with another young family–once a month they’d watch our kids and Rick and I would get a date, and once a month we’d watch their children. We saved money on a babysitter and the kids had a blast!

Looking back what are you glad you did as a WHAM?? What worked and has had the most impact?
I’m glad that I encouraged my girls to like each other, to root for each other, and to be on each other’s side. They’re all three so very different, but I do believe they have a foundation of friendship that’s served them well. Do they get along perfectly? Nope! But I think they respect and love each other, and that’s a good start.

Serving together was also good for us. When my girls were grade school age, every summer for several years we found a volunteer opportunity. From Meals on Wheels, to visiting the elderly at a nursing home, to cleaning a needy couple’s home, the girls learned to see a world outside of themselves. They also learned that serving others isn’t always convenient, but it’s rewarding and close to God’s heart. And it wasn’t only good for the girls. It was good for me too. It helped me gain an appreciation for the struggles of others in a time of life when I was tempted to get “tunnel vision” myself.

What are some of the most valuable mothering lessons you learned over the years?

  • Seek your husband’s advice;  oftentimes he sees things you don’t. 
  • Study your children and learn to love the things they love.
  • There’s a ton of practical application in the book of Proverbs. 
  • Grandparents have a lot of wisdom; glean from them. 
  • Pray together.
  • Wherever you are, be all there.

I hope you were encouraged by my interview with Amy.  PLEASE comment any questions you might have, I’ll pass them on!


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