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Road trips are about the journey…. not the destination, right?? March 18, 2009

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Do you all want to know a secret? The reason I thought of this post is because I need to hear some ideas for our upcoming 4,000 mile round trip to Portland, OR and back. Are we crazy?? Not yet, but we might be by the time we get home. Fortunately, we’re taking it relatively slow getting there. Three nights and four days of driving on the way and then the same on the way back. Isn’t that how road trips are…. you end up on the road longer than you are in your destination! But, we are making mini-destinations to keep it exciting as one of these lists suggested.  We’re stopping at a really pretty state park in South Dakota, and maybe Badlands National Park on the way back. I’m working on seeing if we can convince Andrew to stop at Mt. Rushmore…. just so we can say we’ve seen it! Here’s a plethora of good ideas in the form of links……


Good links about Road Trips and Toddlers in order of my favorite (from top to bottom)

Covers all the bases

Short and Sweet- a good list of activity bag contents

Advice from a mom who traveled over 1600 miles with a two year old   

Common Sense but good reminders


One Response to “Road trips are about the journey…. not the destination, right??”

  1. Christa Says:

    I have to say one of the most important factors on a a roadtrip is the parent child ratio :) I get burnt out being four kids personal roadtrip assistant :) I LOVE ROAD TRIPS! Your links were great. Thanks for the refresh of ideas before I leave for Florida :)

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