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Making things cozy with baked goods March 2, 2009

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Whether you bake a lot or not, I think most would agree that baking makes home cozier. Yummy smells & homemade snacks definitely make a home more welcoming. This week we’ll share some personally tested (and relatively healthy) recipes for you to try. Your guests (and husbands or roommates) will thank you for it!

My lovely friend, Jessica, brought us some of these bran muffins. Ruth calls them “brownies,” which I think may be her generic word for baked goods. These are no brownies, but they are some of the lightest bran muffins I’ve tried. We made our own triple batch, froze some and are enjoying them for breakfast with fruit or a boiled egg.

The “Rolls Royce of Bran Muffins”

By the way, Jessica used half the sour cream when she made hers. You can read the reviews, they are helpful. Gretchen also told me that her personal favorite bran muffin recipe is the one on the back of the Bob’s Red Mill Oat Bran package.


One Response to “Making things cozy with baked goods”

  1. Brianne Says:

    Fun topic this week, girls! :)
    I love reading all of your takes on all aspects of being a WHAM. Nice job with the website. Love to all of you!

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