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Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

Keep it Simple :) February 25, 2009

Filed under: Hospitality — Gretchen @ 12:56 pm

Hosting people is one of my absolute favorite things ever!  I love having people over.  I am not really gifted in elaborate parties or themes or decorating but what I really like is just getting to listen and serve people.  I am not a very good conversationalist or extremely outgoing so a lot of how I love people is through serving and listening.  Here are a few things I do or think through in regards to quick hostessing opportunities (which happen quite often at my house with my husband :)

  • Like I said I am not an elaborate planner but I always have basic food on hand to prepare for extra guests.  I know the things I make regularly and I always have extra on hand. This means if you come to my house you are not likely to get the latest recipe out there but you will get a decent meal :)  I usually always have stuff for chicken alfredo, spaghetti, or stir fry.  With these in mind I can accommodate a lot of different food allergies.
  • When I bake I try to make extras to freeze.  This comes in very handy for last minute hostessing.
  • I always try and set out a carafe of water and cups so people can simply help themselves.
  • I generally have a plan for my own housekeeping.  I always try and unload the dishwasher in the morning first thing so that I can just be throwing dishes in the dishwasher all day and they never pile up.  I have learned to always seize opportunities to clean in stead of waiting for big cleaning days.  I try and do a little when I can in between stuff.  This makes for a stress free visit with guests.  My house is not always clean but if I do the basics clean up goes a lot faster and is a lot less scary.
  • One last tip not mentioned yet is spending lots of time with your kiddos before people come over.  This is another reason I try to clean in little bits throughout the week :)  I have found that good playing with my kids prior to people arriving goes a long way when we have guests over.  They are much more content to play by themselves if it is adults or entertain little ones or just be less needy.

I really enjoy providing a place for people to come hang out and enjoy making people food :)  It is one way I feel like I can serve others.  The biggest thing I have found that blesses others in when you have your house and relationships in order.  This is not always possible, but when people walk into a calm, peaceful home they feel welcome.  When I say “calm” I mean one that is free from relational strife not noise  or playing :)


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