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Cleaning Cleaning February 2, 2009

Filed under: cleaning — Andie @ 1:24 pm

This week’s question is: Do you have a house cleaning schedule and how do you keep on top of cleaning with kids?


My answer is: house cleaning schedule?? Ha ha. Those of you who have seen my house (other than on small group days) know that house cleaning is not my (ahem) gifting. Nevertheless, I do try to keep some sort of order so that I can bless my kind husband, who appreciates order. 

The method to my housecleaning madness is truly to clean if I notice that it’s gross. Thankfully, as I have mentioned before, we do host small group here and so my house must get cleaned at least 2 Sundays a month. 

Some things that help me in the cleaning area:

  • Divide and Conquer. Andrew saves the day when I’ve dropped the ball. He also encourages us as a family to get things cleaned up right after dinner. He and Ruth clear the table. Then, he plays with the kids or puts them to bed while I clean up the kitchen. 
  • Host people. I regularly have friends over for tea and chatting while the kids nap. So, it forces me to run through my house and try and get things clean before they arrive.
  • Purge stuff. The less stuff I have, the less mess there will be. I have taken to keeping the toys in the play room MINIMAL so there is less of a mess to be made. Also, I have multiple small bags a week going to the Savers pile in the garage.
  • Clean up immediately. I’m taking baby steps in this area. I’m trying to wipe the table before it gets crusty, put away my makeup so the kids don’t get into it, make my bed so the room looks so much neater, etc. Read this post from Simple Mom to see my inspiration.

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