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Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

making the most of time together January 29, 2009

Filed under: Mothering — Kate @ 3:34 pm

I can ALWAYS use a reminder to slow down and focus on the needs of my kids!  It is way too easy to get going with what I need/want to get done for the day and before I know it it’s dinner time and I haven’t had purposeful time with them.  Sure, I’ve had talks with them about why we chew food with our mouths closed, reminded them to be gentle with the kitties, asked them to use full sentences to ask for help, encouraged them to share their toys and even had some one-on-one time with their hind ends, but I need to remember that those little things can be special times with them, training them, and being purposeful with them!  Both of the kids just love any time that we can do things together … I need to remember to utilize and cherish these times!

Sammy is an out going leader of a little 3 year old!  He would love to tell everyone how things should be done, from his little sister to his parents.  Spending time with him is often letting him help me with tasks like setting the table and thinking about how we can serve other people. (eg, picking up toys before Daddy comes home)

Zoe is just 2 and learning to talk and use her words well.  A lot of the time that I spend with her is just purposing to ask her questions and helping her to answer them in sentences.  Seems simple, but she loves the face time and the encouragement!


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