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Girl Time January 28, 2009

Filed under: Mothering — Gretchen @ 3:03 pm

How I spend time with each of my girls has changed so much over the years.  I am constantly evaluating and changing how I spend time with each one as their interests change and as they grow.  So as of right now this is how I spend time with each one…

Brigitta – Right now Brigitta loves to read.  She has like 3 novels going right now on top of her school work and Bible reading.  In order to spend time with her I try to engage her with what she is reading.  We are both reading the same thing in the Bible and then we discuss it together.  She really likes staying home and reading a good book as opposed to be out and about.   Another way to spend time with Brigitta is to treat her like an adult :)  Sometimes we let just Brigitta stay up past all her sisters just to chat or even to help me with the dishes or cleaning.  She likes being treated like an adult in this way.

Natalia – Miss Tali LOVES going out!!!  She likes to be on the move doing errands, taking classes, visiting people or going to the zoo.  Natalia is my shopping and errand buddy.  When I need to spend time with her we go out somewhere.

Analina – Analina has a speech delay and consequently in order to spend time with her and connect we usually have to do some kind of activity together.  She really likes helping out around the house so we usually clean together or read a book or play with blocks together.  She is my little helper!

Francesca – Cha Cha is our party animal :)  She loves to laugh and dance and have a good time.  We mostly just laugh all day :)  To really get her going we put on some music (she likes all kinds but really gets dancing to rap and ’80s music) and dance around together.  The girls is very jolly all the time and really likes to laugh and giggle.  She likes being tickled and thrown around.

All of my girls require daily one on one attention from me.  Each of them is so unique and different and I am constantly looking for more effective ways to connect with them.img01177-799236


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