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Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

Have fun… or I will KILL you! January 25, 2009

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That title was to be read in the very intense voice of Jack Bauer. We laugh about how he’s always threatening to kill people. Guess we have a dark sense of humor?? The first thing that comes to mind that Andrew and I have fun doing is watching 24. We enjoy having people over for 24 parties. And we enjoy staying up WAAAAY too late watching old episodes (“Just one more… without the commercials it’s only 40 mins!”). We like to have a lighthearted attitude in our house. We’re often being goofy with each other by doing things like quoting strange lines from Napoleon Dynamite or Nacho Libre at each other. 

We have a lot of fun with our kids. We sneak into their rooms together every night before we go to bed to give them a kiss (and make sure they are breathing!! at least that’s why I go in….). We laugh a lot about our kids and like to tell each other stories about the crazy things they have done. 

We both love photography, so we have fun looking at the photos the other has taken. We also dream of going on photography outings or trips together. Maybe a photog date after it gets warmer… To those who know us, it will probably be no surprise that Andrew prefers architecture photos and I prefer people photos :)

We go on coffee dates about once or twice a month together. It’s really nice to get out by ourselves and it’s also fun to share our love of coffee. I think the most fun I have with my husband is just doing stuff together. It doesn’t have to be exciting… sometimes we walk around Target together and just look at toys or grab things like vacuum cleaner filters that I never remember to buy when I’m with the kids. I really like Andrew and am so glad God has given us to each other. It’s a joy to live everyday life with him.


4 Responses to “Have fun… or I will KILL you!”

  1. ktbooper Says:

    Ooh, we are fellow 24 lovers! I am especially loving this season with our new DVR … I can sit down 20 minutes after it starts and watch it w/o commercials or rewind to catch those oh to subtle things that turn out to be vital :)

  2. artsieandie Says:

    oh, cool! I don’t think our DVD player records, but that’s a good idea- we sometimes watch it the next day on Fox. very minimal commercials.

  3. artsieandie Says:

    PS. Andrew said I should have titled it “… or i SWEAR I will Kill you!” :) We also laugh at how he’s always promising things.” I promise you, I will get you out of here… just trust me….”

  4. Brianne Says:

    What a fun look into your lives! :)

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