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Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

Organized Chaos January 15, 2009

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Well I am going to have to echo Kate in this post and confess that the past 2 weeks have been rather disorganized :)  All last week I had a rap music video and commercial spots being filmed in my house as well as hosting about 9 guys (only one actually stayed with us, the others would come around 10am and leave around 2am).  Then I had to hurry and get ready for a visit from my future sister in law who happens to be from Russia.  It was like cultural whip lash :)  How do you keep toddlers away from expensive camera equipment, throw together snacks for a vegetarian, a protein/meat only person, a guy who has to eat every 2 hours but only certain foods, home school 2 kids, keep everything clean so your house can be on a video, take care of a child with a 103 temperature and try and support  your husband who is pulling his hair out trying to produce a video????  Needless to say I was a little like one of those hamsters on a wheel running from one thing to the next and it was probably quite funny.

When thinking about how to organize my day I mostly start with priorities.  I do not stick to schedules very well :)  Every day I need to spend time with God, seek a way to bless and love my husband, teach my kids with loving- kindness, and love my neighbors.  I try to think through all I need to accomplish in the morning for that day and then fit it in where I can.  I have started thinking in terms of half hour increments like getting ready, breakfast, Bible reading, prayer time, wii time, free play, room time, get ready to go somewhere time (yes with 4 it takes about a half hour), math time, music, computer time, tv time, etc.  I find this really keeps us moving through the day.  I do not stick to exactly 30 minutes but it is more the idea of keeping different activities and I have found simply labeling them to my kids is really fun for them.  I have found that simply going through my day and labeling each 30 minutes has also helped me to be more productive by cutting out wasted time.  If I know I have a half hour of computer time then I do not check facebook every hour :)


One Response to “Organized Chaos”

  1. MrsMofatta Says:

    Well, for some reason we weren’t at all surprised by anything you shared in your first paragraph. Hhmm….does that say something special about Lukas….or us….?
    Glad the video is ‘over’.

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