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Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

Means of Grace used to seek the Lord January 8, 2009

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I hadn’t ever thought about practical things in the light that Andie’s pastor mentioned, but it encourages my heart to think of these things that I use every day as a gift of grace from God!  What a good reminder for me, as I am getting out of bed to the sound of an alarm, that God is sooo gracious towards me in even the little details of my life.

I too have realized that I MUST get up and have time in the Bible and in prayer in the AM before my kids are up.  If it doesn’t happen then, it probably just won’t happen, and it definitely won’t help my heart throughout the day.

The means of grace that I have found encouraging are:

  • I have become a cell phone alarm user … mostly because I can wake up to the vibrating alarm and my kids in the next room won’t wake up.
  • I take my shower before my quiet time so that I am thoroughly awake.
  • My husband graciously sets the pot of coffee for us in the morning and I always sit down to read with a full mug in hand.

One Response to “Means of Grace used to seek the Lord”

  1. Debby Says:

    The cell phone alarm tip was a real breakthrough for me (esp. with a newborn and 2 small kids close by)! Thanks so much…I hadn’t thought of that!

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