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Means of Grace January 4, 2009

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Last weekend, I was encouraged by Pastor John’s message on prayer. He mentioned that prayer is a means of grace that God has given us. He writes:

God has given us means of grace. If we do not use them to their fullest advantage, our complaints against him will not stick. If we don’t eat, we starve. If we don’t drink, we get dehydrated. If we don’t exercise a muscle, it atrophies. If we don’t breathe, we suffocate. And just as there are physical means of life, there are spiritual means of grace.

Prayer and reading the Bible sustain my spiritual life; food sustains my physical life. If I do not take the means of grace God has given me in order to live, then I will wither away. I have never felt this tested more than in motherhood. And, seeing how directly my spiritual wellness affects my children’s understanding of God makes me even more desperate to abide in the Lord. 

This week, we will discuss the practical means of grace that we use to help us be closer with Jesus.

Sometimes, I hop around in the Bible and read different things each day. Then, inevitably I come back to a place where I need a plan to help me be consistent. I am at that place now and  I am making use of a Bible reading plan that our church provides yearly. I have attempted to read through the Bible in a year before and have never been able to keep up with the reading. But, this year, I’m trying something new. I am using the Good News Bible for this reading. The language is simplified and it’s much easier to read large chunks.The plan also has you reading in four different spots at the same time, so you don’t have to spend weeks on end only in Judges :) The four bookmarks can be found here & here

I have also found that it is very important to get up before my children to read. Sometimes, I sleep in and say “I’ll read my Bible later.” Later usually doesn’t come because I am not disciplined enough to sit down and do it later. Experience has proven this to me. The means of grace I employ to get up early are: an alarm clock to wake up at 6:00, talking to myself when the alarm rings and saying “God is waiting for you!”, drinking hot caffeinated tea, eating a bowl of cereal and having my Bible in the same place every morning.



One Response to “Means of Grace”

  1. Debby Says:

    “God is waiting for you!” and the bookmarks…THANK YOU! Super helpful!

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