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Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

Sit down and take a look December 15, 2008

Filed under: Keeping inspired — Andie @ 5:16 pm


This morning, I was sitting for with Ruth in my lap and she was taking tiny spoonfuls out of my tea in between my sips and we were just chatting. After about 3 minutes of sitting, I remembered something about the grocery budget I wanted to record. I told Ruth that I needed to work on something and started to get up. Andrew heard this and said, “Really? Why don’t you just sit down for a few minutes.” So, I did.

We sat and finished the tea together and just looked into one another’s eyes and talked. I can’t believe how seldom I do this. I can recall several times in the past few months when I have realized that I have not stopped for hours to actually look my family members in the face when I talk to them. Too often, I am just hurrying to the next task I need to do.

Especially this special season, where there are so many things vying for your time, I want to encourage you to just sit down for awhile and look your dear ones in the eye. And, maybe share some tea.


One Response to “Sit down and take a look”

  1. Jessica McAlpine Says:

    Aw..thanks Andie! I just stopped my “computering” and engaged with Marty. Good reminder!! (no tea, but maybe he’d have coffee with me ;)

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