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Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

Names of Jesus December 3, 2008

Filed under: Holidays — Andie @ 10:33 am

dsc_0003_800x536shkl Here are our Names of Jesus photos, as promised.

L to R: bread of life ( john 6:51), the vine (john 15:5), the way (john 14:6), the sunrise on high (luke 1:78-79), light of the world (john 8:12), King of Israel (zephaniah 3:15), lamb of God (john 1:29), good shepherd (john 10:11), door (john 10:9), lion of Judah (revelation 5:4-5)


3 Responses to “Names of Jesus”

  1. MrsMofatta Says:

    Can you hit them L-R for us slow non-creative types? Thanks!

  2. MrsMofatta Says:

    Thanks! That definitely helps clarify some of the pics I couldn’t make out too well…! :-)

  3. Debby Says:

    I LOVE this idea!! Thanks for sharing!

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