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Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

Many mercies December 31, 2008

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Today, I’ve been running around with my children in -2 degree weather to try and stock up on groceries, etc. I didn’t want to do the start of the month January shopping on New Year’s Day (and didn’t know what would be open) so we went today. Our fridge was looking quite empty. While we were out,   we had a couple random stops involving Trader Joe’s major traffic jams (there’s only one in the area… with a TINY parking lot), parking 2 blocks down and huffing it with the double stroller, a car stuffed so full of food from ALDI and wrapping paper from Target that I was running out of space, and almost breaking off my key in the truck of my car at the end of the last stop. 

But, when my key started the car after I was afraid I’d broken it…. I was SO SO THANKFUL for God’s many many mercies to us today. It just made me think how amazed I was that we made it through all that shopping with no major meltdowns (mercy), no wrecks (mercy), enough money to buy food (mercy), a diaper to remedy Byron’s wet pants (mercy), a car (mercy), a stroller (mercy), health to walk two blocks (mercy) and so many more that I don’t even know because only the Lord knows them. 

May you enjoy the many mercies in your life today, too.


Snacks for New Years? December 30, 2008

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Target is having a great sale on some of my favorite tortilla chips. They are Archer Farms Blue Corn with Flax Seed.
They are currently 3/$7 or $2.33. You don’t have to get 3 to get the deal. I was impressed because this makes them cheaper  (per oz) than ALDI’s blue corn or multigrain tortilla chips. All of the Archer Farms chips have this deal through Saturday. 081228_p23mw_yqbra_img_542317378


Old Navy Sales December 29, 2008

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This weekend, Old Navy had quite a variety of things on sale for 60% off. I got some trouser cords for $11.80 (no tax on clothes in MN). I don’t know how long this sale will last, but from my experience at Old Navy, January is a very good time to find good stuff for cheap. I found some khakis for Andrew for about $12, as well.


Waiting it out for Clearance at Target

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In case you don’t know, Target changes their deals on Sundays. So, yesterday I showed up thinking that Christmas clearance would have bumped down to 75% off. However, there is still a lot of it left and it was only a few days after Christmas. So, I guess that starts next Sunday. In the past, I have found great table runners, place mats, napkins and other goodies that look great in different seasons, not just Christmas. I’m holding out for the 75% off…..


Deal Time

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There are lots of sales this time of year. I asked for money for Christmas just so I could shop after Christmas sales :)

This week is devoted to good deals we find. So, if you have a deal you’d like to share.. feel free to comment and I’ll post it!


Psalm 90:14 December 25, 2008

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Goodness December 24, 2008

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