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Don’t tie me down!!! November 19, 2008

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When it comes to meals I HATE PLANNING!!  However, this hatred does not serve me well when I have to have dinner ready for 6 plus people every night or want to extend hospitality which I LOVE doing.  I have discovered that I really like being creative with food.  I love trying new things and knowing how to tweak a recipe to make it better.  So with so many conflicts for me to sift through I will just share my general philosophy :)

  1. I always keep my pantry stocked with common/seasonal items.  For example, during soup season I usually always have carrots, celery, onions, all kinds of beans, chicken stock and canned tomatoes.  During the summer months I make a lot of cold salads so I keep farmer’s market produce, cous cous, pasta and tuna.  I have learned what I like to make during the different seasons and adjust the groceries accordingly.  We have people over enough that really nothing I buy goes to waste.
  2. I have some simple, basic recipes that are my fall back recipes.  This provides me a platform to branch out but not always feel the pressure of having to come up with something new every night.
  3. I do plan meals for nights when I know we are having guests or for the holidays.
  4. My current favorite meals are those I can pop in the oven and set the timer and leave it :)
  5. I always have different recipes running through my head, so I will have an idea for the recipes I want to make for like a 2 week period so when I go to the grocery store I keep those in mind and buy accordingly.  I have made so many recipes that I can now go to the grocery store and if there is a mega sale on hamburger rather than pork and I can adjust (or whatever).  I am trying in general to cut back on meat and cook more with beans and such to save money.
  6. Friday night is NACHO night!!!!
  7. I have trained my older daughter to make pancakes for Saturday morning or breakfast for dinner :)

One Response to “Don’t tie me down!!!”

  1. Becky Johnson Says:

    Hey, guess what? We cook alike! It’s so difficult for me to plan, but I know how to whip up a meal with things on hand and cooking this way is a way I exercise creativity. I check recipes often but I follow them seldom :).

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