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Some like it tart. November 12, 2008

Filed under: Holidays,Recipes — Leah @ 6:00 am

cranberryhow-fullI’m a gal who likes her cranberry relishes, so today I’d like to share my personal favorite.  I LOVE it on my leftovers in a sandwich, instead of jam on my roll, and on top of my turkey, on my pancakes….  It would also make a great seasonal topper for a pork loin or chop.  I just think it’s YUM.  :-) (and because I tend to like things a little on the tart side…you may want to increase the sugar a bit.)

Cranberry Orange Relish

1 orange

1 12oz. bag fresh cranberries

1 cup sugar

Put orange (peel and all) and cranberries through your kitchen grinder (or other equivelent kitchen tool).  Stir in 1 cup of sugar, refrigerate several hours before serving.  Stir and enjoy!


4 Responses to “Some like it tart.”

  1. Brianne Says:

    kitchen grinder?

  2. MrsMofatta Says:

    Yea, I was wondering if that needed to be linked through for readers. Thanks for confirming it Brianne! :-) I”ll link it up, right now!

  3. Brianne Says:

    Oh wow – that’s a cool tool. :) Thanks for posting the link – I was feeling a little out of the loop!
    Any ideas for another tool I could use, as I don’t own a grinder? Food processor?

  4. MrsMofatta Says:

    You do want it to be somewhat chunky…but you don’t want to get a big chunk of orange rind either….SO, I can’t think of why a food processor wouldn’t work. Maybe just be sure to pulse the orange a bit more than the cranberry and call it good. :-) I know my mom had a manual (by hand) food grinder growing up, it also grated cheese and whatnot- just with different attachments. That type of equipment would work great too!

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