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ALDI- way cooler than I even realized November 7, 2008

Filed under: Meal Planning,Recipes,Saving money — Andie @ 2:39 pm

ALDI not only has amazingly cheap food, but it has an online meal planning database. If you sign up here you can search for meals and put them in your online cookbook. Then, you can check meals you want to use and ask it to make a shopping list for you (which will be organized by category). You can search for high fiber or low fat or no dairy recipes.

The advanced search actually lets you choose from common food allergies and it returns with recipes that exclude those ingredients. I chose peanut, soy, gluten, wheat and eggs (sound familiar, Debby?) and came back with 1226 recipes. I was amazed. The one funny thing is that ALDI does not always carry all the ingredients listed in the recipes. Oh well. This is still a really helpful and free way to organize your shopping trips.


One Response to “ALDI- way cooler than I even realized”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    1226 recipes?! Amazing. Is it wrong to love a website? :) I’m going to get signed up. By the way, did you notice that you don’t have to have cash at our Aldi anymore? Don’t know if that’s true for all Aldi’s, though.

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