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Winter activities and boredom busters November 3, 2008

Filed under: Activities,Mothering — Andie @ 9:31 am

Hello from Mississippi!  I am writing from the deep south today. My kids, Crystal and I traveled down here to visit my aunt and uncle in Hattiesburg. My mom and dad came over from Georgia, too. We are missing Andrew, who had to stay in Minneapolis to work.

With winter fast approaching for us northerners, we thought a week’s worth of kids activity ideas for the long winter months would be a good idea. At the end of the week, I will compile a master list that you can print and put on your fridge for dire circumstances.

Here’s my list of winter activities:

Balloons. Blow up a few of these for hours of entertainment for littles.

Tea party. Anything that involves sitting on the floor eating food seems to constitute a tea party here.

Art project in the kiddie pool. My mom is a preschool art teacher (I feel a guest post coming on here…) and she suggested doing the messy projects indoors in a hard plastic kiddie pool to keep things clean.

Dance party. We recently had a really fun time turning on some Toby Mac (J Train) and dancing around and jumping on our extra IKEA mattress in the dining room.

– “Balance beam.” Set up a 2×4 on the floor and pretend it’s a balance beam. Set up an obstacle course with pillows, blanket tunnels made with chairs, etc.

Books on tape. Ruth has loved these since about the age of 2. It is a nice, quiet activity I let her do during her “room time” every day.

Room time. Both of my kids have room time every day. Ruth (almost 3) stays in her room with a bin of toys and either music or a book on tape. Byron (16 mo.) plays in his crib with toys. I leave the light on and the blinds open to make it clear that it’s different than nap time. He cries for about 3 minutes and then settles in to entertaining himself. They stay in room time for 30-45 minutes.

Go outside anyway. I am committed to making sure my kids get to go in the backyard in most weather unless it is dangerously cold. They just really need the exercise and we have a small house. I have been shocked at how their demeanor changes (grumpy to content) the moment they walk out the door.


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