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Gift Baskets Brainstorm (in detail) November 3, 2008

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Here are some more gift basket ideas that I have been brainstorming for Christmas!  I think most of these would work well for families with kids, although maybe you’d want to pick and choose ideas suitable for the ages in the family you are giving too!  I tried to include a few ideas that any kids in your family might be able to ‘help’ with to get involved with the giving too!  Think out side the box (or basket in this case!) for things to put your gifts in … a bucket, paper bag, reusable grocery bag, treasure box, flower pot, etc!

  1. Indoor Picnic Basket – pack/wrap it in a basket, include a meat stick, cheese (think non-perishable … at World Market?), napkins, festive paper plates, homemade dessert, blanket or checkered table cloth for spreading on the floor to eat on.
  2. Ice Cream Sundaes – an ice cream maker (hand turned, machine, or maybe an adapter to go with a kitchen aide if they have one?), caramel, fudge, marshmallows, cherries, can of whipped cream (not sure how this would ship…), waffle bowls, special spoons.
  3. Card Games – decks of cards (find some fun ones, we have a few that are see through from World Market I think, or maybe ones with fun characters on them!), a book of games ideas/instructions, a card in the shape of a heart/spade/diamond/club, some bridge mix (buy some at the dollar store, or make some Chex mix!)
  4. Puzzling – find a good puzzle that the family could work on together (maybe a 3-D one if there are some teens in the house?), a book of word puzzles or riddles to take turns reading, put together a puzzle piece picture frame that they can put a family picture in (or put one of your family in it!)
  5. Hot Drinks for everyone – make some drink mixes that everyone can enjoy, try this Chai Tea, some Hot Cocoa, some Kocoa Klastch or any other recipes that sounds tasty to you!  Put the mixes in small containers (plastic ones with screw on lids are lighter for mailing, although the glass mason jars are cute!)  Include new mugs for everyone and maybe some marshmallows, chocolate dipped spoons or cinnamon sticks!
  6. Movie Night – pack everything in a popcorn tub (or big plastic bowl … you can leave plain, or decorate with puffy paint if you’d like), include a Blockbuster gift card, movie candy, a hot air popper with some popcorn recipes (check out this cinnamon sugar one), don’t forget the popcorn kernals!  (If doing the popper is too big or spendy, toss in some microwave bags or stove top poppers!)
  7. Christmas Party in a Box – you could do this for any season or occasion!  Put in a cake mix with icing, streamers, a string of Christmas lights, maybe a little decorative tree with mini ornaments (or check out this gingerbread tree kit), maybe put in a caroling book that you print up with favorite carols (a book for everyone would be nice too!)
  8. International Evening – put in a blow up globe or a world map, a flag or maybe a string of flags, include some recipes and ingredients for recipes from around the world (Italy – spaghetti, China – fortune cookies, Thailand – peanut sauce with Chicken … got any favorite recipes, just share them!), a fun CD with international music (just instrumental is fun, or maybe you can find some with other languages too) … you could also theme this around one specific county too!
  9. Baking – put everything in a big mixing bowl, include aprons for everyone (yup, even the dads, Matt had one that he wore regularly long before I did!), mixing spoons, measuring cups, put in a cookie mix (you can buy some Betty Crocker mixes in bags or make your own cookie mix in a jar.)  If you want to really encourage creativity you could put in a sugar cookie recipe (or gingerbread) with some cookie cutters and decorator icing or sprinkles!
  10. Snowman Kit – make your own kit with a scarf, hat, pipe, carrot, coals/buttons (or check out the kits you can buy for about $15 on-line, maybe check out your local Target/Walmart/Kmart too.)  Put in a new hat and scarf for everyone (make these super cute ones from fleece and cut a scarf length with fringe on the end to match OR find some sets on sale that fit your budget) and don’t forget a some hot cocoa to warm up with after they are done building!  Check out this sweet recipe and printable tag for Snowman Soup.
  11. Read-aloud Books – Have a favorite book series?  I always loved reading together as a family, from when I was very little, into my teen years there was nothing like having my mom (she was the out loud reader in our family) read us a good book!  I enjoyed The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit & Ring series, Pilgrim’s Progress …. and have since enjoyed the Harry Potter books too.  Put in a set of books (or the first one in a series if you are looking to keep your budget really low.)  Include a cozy blanket to snuggle under, some drink mixes or tea bags and don’t forget a cute book mark (check out these cute book thongs … I made these one year and they were a hit!  They are super easy to make and make great small gifts for friends too!)
  12. Caramel Apple Dipping kit – include apples (carefully packaged if mailing), wood/paper craft sticks, caramels, nuts, small candies, sprinkles, etc!  Toss in some apple cider mix to enjoy while they are dipping!

I had LOTS of fun brainstorming and now really feel like I should get to work on our gifts for the year!  Hopefully these offer a little inspiration to get you going.  PLEASE share any ideas that you have too!!!


3 Responses to “Gift Baskets Brainstorm (in detail)”

  1. MrsMofatta Says:

    Target has red/white striped movie theater popcorn bags (only they are not paper, but hard plastic) in the dollar section. They look just like movie theater bags and are super cute! They’d be a great addition to a family movie night basket!

  2. Stephanie Says:

    This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  3. Jessica Says:

    No ideas to add at the moment, but THANK YOU for sharing. This is really helpful.

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