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Giving of what you have October 30, 2008

Filed under: Holidays,Saving money — Kate @ 6:00 am

I love thinking of all of the fun things we could give our families for Christmas!  I always wish that I could give each person exactly what they want/need (the practical side of me!) but it’s also a fun time to pamper those that I can’t always pamper!

I enjoy being able to give something handmade.  While I don’t have lots of money to spend on each gift, I DO have some time, talent, creativity and love that I can pour into each one!  In past years I have done fleece vests, hats/scarves, knit felted purses, made book thongs (a beaded string, used as a bookmark!) to go with a good book, done a cross stitch, put photos in a serving tray, and made aprons for the kids!  It’s also sometimes nice to do ONE thing that I can make for all of the girls in our families and ONE thing for all of the boys (eg, purses for girls, scarves for boys.)

There are plenty of things that don’t require being ‘crafty’ to do, maybe they just take more organizing.  Doing gift baskets for families and couples (like Gretchen suggested) is one of my favorite things!  I always have trouble coming up with gifts for the adult males of the families (the ones that love expensive electronic devises) :)  Giving a gift that encourages time together for the couple or family is a good way to keep the gifts personal and fun and affordable.


One Response to “Giving of what you have”

  1. Jennifer Arocha Says:

    I love Gretchen’s idea of giving gift baskets for families or couples for Christmas to stay on budget on that time of year. Would you give some examples of what items to combine on a basket for a family of two adults and three girls, or two adults and both girls and boys?
    Thank you for your great ideas!


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