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Hey Mom, Speak up! October 22, 2008

Filed under: Homemaking,Mothering,Wife-ing — Leah @ 6:00 am

As the parent who spends the majority of the waking hours with our children I realize I have a certain parenting advantage… I witness the morphing of the kids’ behavior throughout the day and can adjust my parenting style as needed in response.  A lot happens while my husband is at work, and most days he comes home to a situation that doesn’t even vaguely resemble the one that he left in the morning.  As moms, we are the parent who typically spends more time reading parenting books, talking over different parenting ideas with other parents, and testing out those ideas with our children.  When conflict arises in the evening, I can respond in only one of two ways:  I can choose to build my husband up or I can choose to tear him down.  I think that it’s easy for many moms (yes, I am totally guilty of this one!) to try to correct our husband’s parenting choices- rather than encourage them in the things that they are doing well.

I asked my husband this week what has encouraged him in our relationship lately.  Here is his response:  “Speaking up and telling me when I am doing something good with the kids”.  Seek out ways you can verbally encourage the Dad in your house this week.  When he is doing something great with your children, TELL HIM!  Use your words to build him up and encourage him as he learns to become an even greater dad for your children than he already is!


2 Responses to “Hey Mom, Speak up!”

  1. Jen Says:

    Thanks Leah!

  2. Jessica Says:

    This is a good Leah. I need to be more intentional with this. Thanks!

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