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Help!!! October 22, 2008

Filed under: cleaning,Household tips — Gretchen @ 2:53 pm

Hi ladies!  I am seeking out help with a vacuum situation.  As you know we moved into a house.  Since being married I have never lived in a single family house that actually has multiple floors.  My dilemma is what kind of vacuum works to clean stairs that are carpeted??  My current vacuum is bulky and I end up with a terrible back ache every time I vacuum.  Helpppppppp!!!!!!!!  What are your recommendations??


5 Responses to “Help!!!”

  1. Leah Moffat Says:

    Ohh, I don’t have stairs,but i did get this cool thing that I’ll email you a pic of…it’s by hoover and it would be PERFECT for a multilevel house. It is lightweight and plugs into a wall to charge, so you could just leave it upstairs. Just an idea. I’ll either email you a pic, or leave another post if I figure out what it’s called.
    :-) Leah

  2. Leah Moffat Says:

    Okay, here it is: It’s the Hoover Slider Rechargeable Broom and it’s $50. Probably someone out there has something better (who actually has a multi-level house), but I love this thing. It’s great for those under the table messes and I meant to put it as a ‘favorite thing’ but forgot to figure out what it was at the time.
    :-) Leah

  3. ktbooper Says:

    We have an Oreck vacuum (it was a wedding gift from my grandparents) and it is lightweight and easy to move up and down the stairs. It doesn’t do the corners very well, so I use a small Oreck hand vac for that … right now we have a corded one that does the job, but I’m hoping for a dust buster (or something of the sort) that is cordless to do the corners and under the table after meals at some point ;)

  4. Hannah LaFeve Says:

    I love my Eureka canister vac. It has many handy attachments and works great. My parents had their canister vac for about 20 years before needing a replacement!

    There is a great vacuum store in St. Paul called A-1 Vacuum Cleaner Co (actually, I think they have a store in Mpls too). Their website is

  5. Mary Says:

    I have a hoover canister vac too. The arm (from hand to floor) is adjustable in height, it is super easy to do stairs, or vacuum cobwebs on the ceiling, and it has washable filters and no bag!

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