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Encouraging your husband: Week 2 October 20, 2008

Filed under: Wife-ing — Andie @ 7:28 pm

Hello all, 

Is it cheating to link to the GirlTalk blog about doing your husband good? I will anyway.

Didn’t make it to the blog until now because Andrew just came back from a week long trip to TX and back for the Desiring God regional conference. He and his buddies (who all work at DG except for him) drove a 15 passenger van all the way to Austin and back. 

Then, before I go to bed, I will share a few other ways I’ve tried to encourage Andrew lately. For one, I try to say yes to guy time as much as possible. Andrew does not go off with his guy friends too often, but when he does want to, I try to totally encourage this joyfully. Thus, the spontaneous trip to Austin (Andrew was invited along at the last minute since they were short a worker and miraculously he was able to get off work)!

Like Gretchen so wisely mentioned, I attempted to encourage Andrew by not totally overdoing it while he was gone. So, I just painted my room over 5 nights instead of over 2 like I have done in the past. Ha ha. 

And, I painted my room white. As you may know, I enjoy COLOR. However, Andrew has said that he would paint our entire house white if he had his way. He is a man who likes simplicity and continuity. I cry out in anguish every time I think of such a thing! So, our purple room is now white because I hoped it would honor Andrew if I submitted to his preference. We actually both like it. White on white is very “in” these days so I found lots of fun ideas around.

And, since I think he’d be encouraged to actually see me after a week… I’m headed to bed. Goodnight!


One Response to “Encouraging your husband: Week 2”

  1. Hannah LaFeve Says:

    What a testimony of love and respect, Andie. Thanks for encouraging us through your example! Have a joyful reunion :)

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