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Ways to Encourage October 15, 2008

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One thing I have done when Patrick has traveled in the past is write a note for each day he is going to be gone.  One time he was gone for 2 weeks so I got 14 cards and wrote on the outside Day 1, Day 2, etc… then I attached a picture to each card of our family.  I also included something encouraging or funny for him to read each day because he was going some where remote where he wouldn’t get TV or telephone service.  When he has been gone for shorter time periods I attached a little gift with each card with words of encouragement and scripture inside.

Another way to encourage him all the time is to find out how he likes to be loved and encouraged.  This can be done by just asking him what he likes for you to do and then do it.  I am always asking Patrick how I can love him more or help him more.  Guys usually are black and white.  They just need to be asked and then they will tell you.


One Response to “Ways to Encourage”

  1. Hannah LaFeve Says:

    I have done something similar except it has been when I have been traveling and my husband is home for a week or two alone. I put/hide post-it notes and cards with love-phrases that we say to each other on, under or behind things that he uses throughout the week (like on our face wash in the medicine cabinet–“Can I have a squirt?” or on his pillow etc). I try to hide them in places that he go to throughout the week (like on the top of an unopened salsa jar–“looking for a snack?” or in the freezer or in his Bible). These really seem to be things that make him laugh and help him not feel so alone.

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