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Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

Cookies. October 15, 2008

Filed under: Homemaking,Recipes,Wife-ing — Leah @ 3:18 pm

Regardless of how ‘bad’ the day teaching may seem to have been,  a batch of freshly baked cookies always makes my husband’s heart (or is that tummy…?) happy!  There is no other way to put it, the guy just loves his cookies.  Several years into our marriage I asked him what he appriciates most that I do around the house (thinking that he would name off some household item/area that he likes to see cleaned most often)- he responded with “I really like it when we have cookies around” followed by a sheepish grin.  I now TRY to make sure that we always have cookies in our cookie jar.  (The cookie jar, by the way, was a specific gift I asked for from my parents one Christmas because I knew that if we had one, I would be reminded to put something in it for my husband).  In case you are curious: his favorite seems to be the classic chocolate chip using Hersey’s Dark Chocolate Chips.  So, that’s it!  Make ’em and bake ’em, ladies.  :-)


2 Responses to “Cookies.”

  1. ktbooper Says:

    That’s awesome! I think that is one of my favorite things too! I do tend to eat them regularly when they are around, so I have to work really hard to keep them on hand for others too :) Something I love to do is make up a patch of dough, scoop it onto trays lined with wax paper and freeze the dough balls. I put them in a freezer bag when they are frozen. Then when I want cookies, I pull out the right number of them and they are ready in 15 minutes … fresh and gooey good! :)

  2. Leah Moffat Says:

    My sister-in-law does that too- I’m not quite that ambitious. :-)

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