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Fall Tips October 10, 2008

Filed under: Hospitality,Meal Planning — Gretchen @ 6:11 am

Tonight was the night we roasted pumpkins at my house :)  I wanted to pass along a little bit of information that has helped to minimize the stress of my holidays.  Each fall I buy pumpkins and apples when they go on sale.  I roast the pumpkins and then freeze the pumkin in batches of 2 cups.  Pumpkin freezes really well and this is the exact amount I use in my favorite pumpkin pie recipie.  When Thanksgiving rolls around or we want pumpkin pancakes I just whip a bag out of the freezer.  Pumpkin pie is super easy to make if you have the pumpkin already.  With the apples I will make up the apple pie filling as if I was going to make the pie and then freeze it.  Apple pie filling freezes well and then when i want to make an apple pie for Thanksgiving I can just unthaw and place the filling in a pie crust and bake as usual.  I learned these things one year when I hosted an entire Thanksgiving meal by myself :)  It made homemade pies really easy and they were so good.  This tradition has stuck because October seems to be a lot less stressful than November or December.


One Response to “Fall Tips”

  1. Megan Says:

    My freezer is getting full, but I will need to make some room for pumpkin! Thanks for the idea.

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