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saving money on food October 9, 2008

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The biggest variable spending in our budget is our food.  To keep the spending down there and keep us eating tasty and healthy foods these are the things that I try to do:

  • Plan out meals for at least the week (I like to do the whole month so I don’t have to sit down every week to do it.)  I can also PLAN the times that we are going to eat out and plan for having food ready the rest of the time.
  • Do one grocery shopping trip per week (I keep a list to add to on the fridge) – plan for meals, lunches, breakfasts, restocking staples, and don’t forget snacks or potlucks that you have committed too!
  • Freezer cooking (aka once a month cooking – although I do it about every 2/3 months) – make big batches of meals to put into the freezer.  Check out for more on this!  I find that our family of four can make a double recipe split into at least 3 meals, with left overs for one lunch (by making the meals smaller we’re not eat the same thing all week long and I don’t throw extras away!)
  • Clip coupons and check the weekly food ads – I used to do this with my mom when I was little and it really does help!  There are some great sites out there with tips on this (these ladies save hundreds of dollars each month!)  I’m not THAT great, but every little bit helps :)  One site that a friend just started is: All Together Beautiful

Have fun saving and caring for your families!


One Response to “saving money on food”

  1. thepennypincher Says:

    Planning meals is important. North Americans throw out a lot of food. If families were to ensure that none of the food they buy is wasted, they could save hundreds of dollars per year.

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