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Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands…. Psalm 90:17a

How to Save Money October 8, 2008

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1.  We wash everything in the washing machine on cold.  We do about 20 loads a week so that is one way we can save money.  We also have one of the new energy efficient washer and dryers.

2.  My last baby is out of diapers except at night but when we did diapers I would only change them 2x a day, before nap and before bed.  Maybe that is why she wanted to go to underwear!!!

3.  I never buy new clothes unless they are on clearance.  Now I even just go to Salvation Army when they have 25 cent sales every Thus., Friday, and Sat. and also Value Village on Mondays does 99 cents on certain color tags.  You can get name brand things with very little wear and tear for under a dollar.  You can’t beat that any where!

4.  For date nights we try and find places that have late specials like at TGIFridays they have 1/2 off appetizers after 9.  Or maybe we do a lunch date instead so it is cheaper. 

5.  Of course the easiest way to have a cheaper food bill is to make menus and try not to eat out so much.  I do Once A Month Cooking so I try and have something in the crockpot for those times we are going to be out for a while so it is not so much a temptation to eat out if you know something is cooking at home.


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