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The dime that broke the camel’s back October 6, 2008

Filed under: Saving money — Andie @ 1:22 am

Andrew and I were SHOCKED at the combined cost of a small and a medium Wild Pumpkin drink at Caribou Coffee. I think our total was $8.50. Seriously? For a small and medium?? I don’t know why it happened now, but we were both disturbed at the total and I’m still wondering if the cashier rang it up wrong. (He did say that they have recently raised their prices.)  I can make a vanilla latte or a mocha at home with my handy dandy stovetop espresso maker for much less. And, really, I like mine as well as as a coffee shop’s anyway. I assure you I will still be getting coffee drinks on date night. Like Gretchen, I’m a sucker for seasonal Starbucks drinks. We are just thinking that overall, we’d like to cut down (aka. no more stops at Starbucks when I go to Super Target!)

How have you been cutting corners to deal with rising prices?

I have been making Vanilla Sugar to use in my coffee and add to my chai mix instead of using the french vanilla creamer (it means you have to use more regular creamer). I use 2 cups of granulated sugar (or fructose) and 1 tsp of vanilla. Mix it well until the vanilla is evenly distributed and then put in your oven at 150 or whatever your lowest setting is for half an hour. I turn off the heat and let it sit in my oven until it is dried out. This might take all day. Break up the chunks and store in a glass jar. It flavors my coffee as well as Torani syrup (which you can find the cheapest at Cost Plus World Market, by the way).


6 Responses to “The dime that broke the camel’s back”

  1. jenessa Says:

    I too, am a sucker for the seasonal starbucks pumpkin lattes! It kills me that it is almost $4.00 for a small one. Yikes!!

  2. MrsMofatta Says:

    I’m not sure I can cut back too much….my average number of drinks per month?…..1. :-)

  3. MrsMofatta Says:

    Oh, and what’s a date night?

  4. artsieandie Says:

    ha ha. If you only have 1 drink from Starbucks a month, you are doing much better than me! and, I highly recommend date night.
    Most of the date budget goes to a babysitter, but that is why we go to get our $8 coffees instead of going to dinner. Unless it’s taco bell!

  5. ktbooper Says:

    I’m with you Leah! I think I had a Latte last month … and someone else bought it! :) It’s hard to cut back nothing!

    I like the idea of doing the vanilla sugar though. Usually our splurge is flavored creamer to go with our Kirkland coffee. But even that can add up at a normal price of $3.14 per 32 oz bottle (at super walmart) of CoffeeMate creamer.

    We are trying to be better about date nights around here. We haven’t been good about getting out, just us, w/any regularity for sure. We are going to start doing a swap w/another family that also has 2 kids so that we can each have free baby sitting every other week! I think it still might mean only doing coffee dates, but it will help for sure!

  6. Jessica M Says:

    Andie – great article. We are about to break down and buy a coffee (or espresso) maker to cut back on our outrageous coffee-shop spending. Now, if we could only figure out how to replicate that Caribou pumpkin latte…..(how did you know it was my favorite?!) I’m going to try your chai recipe soon too. Thanks!

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