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Current faves October 3, 2008

Filed under: Products we like — Gretchen @ 6:15 pm

Sorry for the late posting.  I came down with a yucky stomach virus and have been out of it for the last several days.

My current favorite items (besides the pantene wax, which by the way pantene came out with a whole line of new products that are far superior to their old stuff – we like the wax, styling gel and mousse) are:

This Oster 16 speed blender.  Our old Oster 10 speed we got for our wedding finally gave out (yes that makes me very old).  I went to Target and purchased another blender of a different brand and it broke within the first month.  While I was shopping at Costco I found this one for $29.99 and it works so well.  It is very durable and makes amazing smoothies :)  I always hate having to purchase new small appliances like blenders or hair dryers.  You really never know what you are going to get unless you have done the research.

I am also currently a big fan of the new Clorox green cleaning products.  They work really well and are suppose to be safe for the environment and your family.

Another annual favorite is the return of Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte!!!!  Always a favorite.


2 Responses to “Current faves”

  1. MrsMofatta Says:

    Okay, we totally burnt up our SECOND blender since we’ve been married a couple weeks ago….we’ll have to give this one a try….! Thanks Gretch!

  2. MrsMofatta Says:

    Ohhh, and have you tried the Pumpkin Spice Frap? It’s GOOD. Eric likes the regular one…I like the light. :-)

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