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Leah’s “Gotta-Love-it!” Products October 1, 2008

Filed under: cleaning,Homemaking,Household tips,Recipes — Leah @ 6:00 am

Gotta-love-it! Product #1 = Clorox Wet Wipes

I think that every surface in my home has been cleaned with one of these at one point or another.  I use them, the kids use them, my husband uses them….and they live under the sink for easy access.  Target makes a great generic too.

Gotta-love-it! Product #2 = Swiffer Duster (with extendable handle)

This thing is AMAZING!  It collapses for storage in seconds, the dusters smell good, it cleans ANYTHING (all the way from the ceiling fan to the mess of wires around the TV to the spindles on a chair or table)….it’s just a fabulous product.  Start high (ceilings and fixtures) and end low (lamp bases and door tracks)- it’s just a wonder.  I think it actually makes me like cleaning a bit…now that’s amazing! (You can find coupons for starter kits at and often in the coupon insert in the Sunday paper there will be a coupon too).

Gotta-love-it! Product #3 = Minced Ginger

We do a lot of Asian inspired cooking at our house.  Moving from ground ginger to minced has done wonders for the recipes we love!  Minced jarred ginger is always in our fridge and SO EASY to add to recipes as you are throwing dinner together.  Give the minced a try.  It’s worth it!


4 Responses to “Leah’s “Gotta-Love-it!” Products”

  1. Brianne Says:

    So, how stinky does the minced ginger get? I can’t buy the minced garlic because the smell of it over time makes my stomach churn. Does the ginger do the same thing?

  2. Brianne Says:

    PS – yes, I am kind of a baby when it comes to sights and smells. I have a squeamish tummy. I admit it. Not proud of it, but I do admit it! :)

  3. MrsMofatta Says:

    You’re funny Brianne! I personally don’t think it’s as bad as the garlic. It comes in such a smaller amount that I doubt you would have it around as long as those larger jars and tubs of garlic. Also, ginger is a natural tummy tamer….right? :-) I don’t think garlic can claim that!

  4. […] lastly, the product I completely forgot to toss into my earlier post:  The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  I use it to get the stubborn finger prints off the outside of the […]

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